You cannot afford to leave your Wikipedia page to strangers


Q: How much do you have to pay us for using Wikipedia?

A: A Wikipedia article should only be created by professionals in order to guarantee the greatest degree of writing quality. We promise client satisfaction since we have been in the business for so long. You won't have to worry about paying money just to discover at the end of the procedure that you are ineligible since Wiki Consultants only accepts orders that adhere to Wikipedia Notability rules. We're also willing to work on getting you a Wikipedia page even if you don't meet the requirements. We provide a variety of options to meet your precise demands. Contact us right now for specialized packages!

Q: Is there anything you can’t put up on Wikipedia?

A: Yes, there are topics that are not permitted on the site. "Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia," according to Wikipedia. Almanacs, gazetteers, and general and specialized encyclopedias are all incorporated within it. Wikipedia is neither a news source, an advertisement platform, a vanity press, an experiment in democracy or anarchy, nor is it a directory of websites. It is not a newspaper, a dictionary, or a collection of sources.

Q: Does Wiki Consultants. guarantee acceptance of the article to Wikipedia?

A: Definitely! There is no doubt that it will be approved once our team of knowledgeable staff has worked on various areas of your Wikipedia article. However, as there is no central authority making decisions on Wikipedia, it is conceivable that your article was not submitted or that it was reported, altered, or removed incorrectly. In this scenario, Wiki Consultants will update the article as necessary. Additionally, we'll give you a complete refund if the problem persists.

Q: What do we do if someone’s modified your article?

A: Your Wikipedia page will be under our care and supervision if you choose to use those services. We are alerted whenever modifications are made so we can confirm whether they are necessary or merely an attempt by other businesses to undermine your ties.

Q: What’s your refund policy?

A:If Wiki Consultants have submitted or updated your Wikipedia page. We will fully refund the payments you paid if it is erased. This only applies, though, if Wiki Consultants delete your page within 25 days after the completion of the services you requested. This excludes changes that only affect a small portion of the page, deletion arguments, tags that don't lead to deletion, and incorrect deletions that are later undone.

Q: Is Wiki Consultants. affected by Wikipedia’s policy on paid editing and other related bans?

A: Regardless of how inaccurate the content on Wikipedia may be, no person or corporation is permitted to modify their own brand. However, it also permits your rivals, which leaves it vulnerable to inaccurate editing or the dissemination of false information. In the past, organizations and users that disobeyed this guideline were categorically banned from Wikipedia. There is a gaping hole in the rules though, as stated by Wikipedia itself: "If a rule prevents you from maintaining or improving Wikipedia, ignore it." To avoid breaching any restrictions, Wiki Consultants simply changes Wikipedia entries as an outsourced consulting firm.

Q: Can you control the Wikipedia article Wiki Consultants. initially submits?

A: Yes, you can. We do not post any information about a brand or individual client working with us. The article is your own, we are simply here to make it better and in compliance with all Wikipedia rules. You can also make changes to the article on your own and we ensure that the information you provide is balanced with multiple sources. Do remember, Wikipedia does not support promotional content or advertisements, so a neutral tone is important. “Wikipedia has a neutral point of view. We strive for articles that advocate no single point of view. Sometimes this requires representing multiple points of view, presenting each point of view accurately and in context, and not presenting any point of view as "the truth" or "the best view." All articles must strive for verifiable accuracy: unreferenced material may be removed, so please provide references. Editors' personal experiences, interpretations, or opinions do not belong here. That means citing verifiable, authoritative sources, especially on controversial topics and when a subject is a living person. When conflict arises over neutrality, discuss details on the talk page, and follow dispute resolution”, says Wikipedia.

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